Microsoft Threatens, Redhat Yawns

Microsoft is up to it’s usualy bunk again, claiming that people that use Redhat have, or eventually will have, an obligation to pay Microsoft.  Redhat’s response has, so far, been just to yawn in Microsoft’s face.  Microsoft isn’t the first company to try this with Redhat, but hopefully, it will be the last.  SCO has … [Read more…]

Microsoft Threatens Redhat

Microsoft has recently stated that Linux violates several of it’s copyrights, and that people using Linux owe Microsoft money for licensing.  Why does this sound so familiar?  The old saying, people who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it.  I think it would almost be funny for Microsoft to go to court over … [Read more…]

Mandriva 2008 Released for Your Viewing Pleasure

Another distro that I’ve never tried released today.  Mandriva 2008 was announced here, and can be downloaded here.  I haven’t used Mandriva since, well, ever.  If you’re feeling adventurous and want to write a review of the OS, contact me here.  Otherwise, I’ll probably just mooch someone elses review when it comes out.

Pseudo-New Version of Enlightenment

There’s a new version of Enlightenment available for download, if anybody is still paying attention.  I see to recall there’s suppose to be a 17 coming out sometime this decade, but right now, that’s looking like a long shot.  Will it even matter when/if it does?  Link to the release:  LINK.