My Wife’s Thoughts on Linux

Right after the start of August, my wife finally had enough of Windows. Her computer crashed, and it was the last straw. I convinced her to try Linux (Ubuntu specifically). A couple of days ago, I asked her to write me up a small little blurb on what she thought so far. I thought that … [Read more…]


I’m feeling a little bored, so I decided to run a benchmark on my primary machine. I’m not one of those guys that spends a whole lotta time tuning my system, and I don’t have a screaming machine. It’s pretty generic out of the box. Think your computer is faster? You’re probably right. Regardless, here … [Read more…]

Oneiric Ocelot – Alpha 1

So tonight I fired up for the first time Ubuntu 11.10, or what will become Ubuntu 11.10 here in a couple months. It’s pretty much what you’d expect to see in any alpha release software. BUGS. Everywhere. I did manage to check on a couple things before I turned the machine off, and I see … [Read more…]

Walk through of Natty

I ran across this nice little walk through of the Natty Narwhal release of Ubuntu that we can be expecting in the next month or so. As it’s pointed out several times in the walk through, Natty is still in Alpha, so there are things about it that don’t work all together well. Many things … [Read more…]