Response #1

For those that weren’t involved in a recent discussion I had over on a hack piece by Jonny Evans, I wanted to respond to several of the comments put up by one particular individual. It’s unfortunate as he seems relatively intelligent, though amazingly misinformed. I’ve given technical reasons as to why Android *appears* as a cheap … [Read more…]

Android Copied the iPhone?

I’m getting a little tired of this myth. It never seems to die. The basic premise is, Android used to look like a Blackberry, then the iPhone came out, and then it all of a sudden looked like an iPhone. First of all, people need to learn the difference between hardware and software. An Operating … [Read more…]

High Hopes for SparkleShare

I’ve been using DropBox now for a while, and I love the functionality of the application. It’s just a really great idea. I have it installed on four or five different computers, and can use it to synchronize my files among them. Beyond that, I have several people that I can share my files with that will just automatically … [Read more…]

Microsoft bought Skype – Damn it

I have no idea what this is going to mean for the Linux, Android, and even Mac versions of Skype. I just don’t see this is a good thing no matter how you look at it. Here’s a collection of links. I’ll be watching this pretty closely. I’m already starting to look for alternatives. … [Read more…]

Is the iPad 2 Great?

I just finished reading a post over at ZDNet by David Morgenstern. The article started with the question, “Why can’t they just say it’s great?” The “it” in this particular case is the iPad 2. Morgenstern quotes Edward Baig of USA Today: As Apple unleashes the latest object of desire, a slimmed-down iPad 2, it … [Read more…]