Raspberry Pi Getting Android 4.0

If you’re a fan of the Raspberry Pi, you’re about to love it even more. It was announced yesterday that Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is almost done being ported to the Raspberry Pi. This is great news for the Pi. Android is in a unique position to make use of the Raspberry Pi’s hardware. … [Read more…]

Will Your Next PC Be a Google Nexus?

Will your next PC be a Google Nexus? A recent “ask maggie” column addressed the question, “Is Google headed toward an Android Nexus PC?” Her conclusion was “when Google challenges Microsoft or Apple on the traditional computing OS battlefield, it won’t likely be armed with Android.” I disagree. Where Android and ChromeOS are Today. It’s … [Read more…]

iFanatical Idiocy

A bit of a rant here. I ran across this graphic on CounterNotions (I only bother to link because this guy has Apple so far up his rectum he’d probably sue me for copyright violation if I didn’t link to him). This graphic is a perfect example of the thought process of many iFanatics I’ve run … [Read more…]

Android: Intent on Winning

I doubt many people were not aware of Apple’s latest announcements concerning iOS. Of course Apple again held their little party and pomped and circumstanced all over. This is to be expected. Pretty much any company making an announcement will do virtually the same thing. What concerns me is the reaction to these announcements in … [Read more…]

Open Source Linux has Nothing to Fear from Android

Android has been exploding in popularity since it’s release to the public in 2008. Recently, it’s success has bred a new collection of rumors and FUD. HP’s new CEO Meg Whitman claimed that Google’s acquisition of Motorola would lead to Android being becoming closed source. It seems ridiculous, and is probably just an effort to bring herself more … [Read more…]

Fan of the Bean..

I’ve been reading quite a lot lately about how people are afraid that Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is already being replaced by Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean). It seems every time I read about this subject, the date of this supposed replacement moves up. First it was the end of this year, then summer, and … [Read more…]