Cowardly Moderation

Duty CallsSo here’s a dirty little secret about me. I enjoy following Apple blogs. Apple’s products and services are substandard in my opinion, and I like to point it out. I’ve been doing this for (sadly enough) decades now.

I’ve noticed something over the course of these years. This is probably a “Duh” kind of moment, but people hate being wrong. They HATE it. They especially hate it on their own page in their own blog/article. This leads to cowardly moderation.

Cowardly moderation? Yep. That’s when comments that make a moderator look stupid are removed for no other reason.

I’ve run into this on a wide variety of fronts. In one case, I had an administrator actually go in and edit my comments, turning them into slurs against minority groups. That was something let me tell you.

This happened again today, though admittedly not not as bad as that.

I read “Samsung Caught Using Apple Watch Design Figures in a Recent Patent Filing“. It’s a stupid article and the author jumps to several unsupported conclusions. I noticed one comment pointing that out and getting a less than cordial response from the moderator. I’m just going to provide screen shots of the conversation and let you just for yourself how this went.

comment01 comment02 comment03 comment04

I responded to that obviously factually challenged comment with this. It’s obvious what happened then:


I suppose it could be argued that I was “impolite” by pointing out that PatentlyJack was “uninformed”, but I wouldn’t say that was nearly as “impolite” as saying JSquale’s comment was “delusional”. I can only assume that my comment was removed for other reasons. It’s not spam obviously, so what ever could it be?

I think it’s pretty obvious that this comment was removed because it pointed out an obvious factual error on the part of the moderator, and instead of being an adult and acknowledging that he had been wrong in his previous statement, he pulled a cowardly moderator.

I’m not really going anywhere with this post. I’m just frustrated and I have no other outlet. Maybe it will be pointed out and noticed, but I doubt it.


The author appears to have shut down all comments on the article. I’m not sure what the reasons are, but no more comments from anybody. I could speculate, but I won’t.

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