The Next Nexus

What about the Next Nexus?It’s that time of year again when we all start to wonder about the next Nexus phone. Well, at least I do. There’s the usual myriad of questions that come with this. Who will make it? When will it come out? How big will it be? What will it be called?

I’m currently still using my old Nexus 4, and I sit here still waiting for Android 5.1 to magically appear, I’m thinking it might be time to upgrade. I love the Nexus line of phones, and especially the vanilla version of Android. Since it’s already April, there’s only 8 more months left in this year to wait, so I’m thinking I can probably tough it out until the next big release. But….

Who will make the Next Nexus?

There’s been no official indications from Google that I’ve seen. Google has traditionally selected from a pool of manufacturers that make Android phones. Past Nexus phones have been from HTC, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. The Nexus 4 and 5 both came from LG, and the most recent Nexus 6 from Motorola. That means that HTC and Samsung haven’t represented for a while. That doesn’t mean that they’re going to be selected though. After the recent announcement of the Huawei Watch there has been some speculation that Huawei will be making the Next Nexus. If their phone turns out as hot as their watch, that could be a very good thing.

When will the Next Nexus arrive?

Of course, Google hasn’t told us. This is nothing new, but there’s some history here that lends itself to guessing on some of these details.

The Galaxy Nexus was announced Oct. 11th of 2011 and shipped on November 13th of that same year.

The Nexus 4 followed the same pattern. It was announced on October 29, 2012 and released on November 13.

The Nexus 5 broke the pattern (sorta) in that it was unveiled on 31st of October, 2013 and was available for purchase that same day.

The Nexus 6 returned to Google’s old habits. It was announced on October 15, 2014 and was available to pre-order on October 29th.

Based on this, we can make a fairly safe guess that the next Nexus will probably be announced in mid to late October and be available for purchase sometime in October or November. For those of us waiting on the details, that’s 6 or 7 more months to wait before we have it in our hot little hands.

How big will will the Next Nexus be?

That’s a very good question. The Nexus line has been getting progressively bigger. It’s my opinion that it peaked in size preference around the Nexus 5 line. The Nexus 6 doesn’t seem to have been in as high of demand, so I’d guess that Google will probably want to return to a little bit smaller phone around the 5″ mark. This may be directly affected by the higher price of the Nexus 6 vs previous generations. There’s also been speculation that there may be two new sizes. I don’t personally think this is likely, but I’ve been wrong before.

What will the Next Nexus be called?

This is going to be directly dependent on how big it is, maybe. Well, probably not.

The names of the last three Nexus phones have been determined by their screen sizes. The Nexus 4 with a 4 Full Report.7 inch screen, the Nexus 5 with a 4.95 inch screen (rounded to 5 for the name), and the Nexus 6 with a 5.96 inch screen (rounded to 6). The Nexus 7 already exists in tablet form, and has been released in two different versions (2012 and 2013).

It’s unlikely that the next Nexus will be a phone version of a Nexus 7. If Google goes the route that I think they will, we’re looking at something more along the size of the Nexus 5. When Google did the second generation of the Nexus 7, they versioned it by year, but I think that would be confusing for the general populace if Google were to do that with the next Nexus. Going from Nexus 5 to Nexus 6 to Nexus 5 2015 Edition would just seem weird.

I think that the next Nexus phone is going to break from numbers again, and go back to a “named” phone. Prior to the Nexus 4 was the Galaxy Nexus which was preceded by the Nexus S, both from Samsung. Before that, the Nexus One, which was really the first Nexus phone, unless you want to count the HTC G1 as a Nexus phone, which many do.

In those cases, the name of the phone is styled after the manufacturer of the phone, so the maker of the next Nexus could have a big impact on the name of the device. We could see a new Galaxy Nexus, or a Nexus S2 if Samsung makes the device. If we see Huawei introduce their first Nexus model, we could see something like a Nexus Ascend or a Nexus Honor. Personally, I like the sound of Nexus Ascend. Has a good ring to it.

Conclusions on the Next Nexus

When it all comes down to it, we have some guesses here. Some of those guesses are safer than others. I think the timing on the next Nexus is pretty safe. The rumors on Huawei have been pretty strong, but that’s significantly less credible than estimates on the time. The size and name of the device are nothing more than fun conjecture.

Think I’ve missed something obvious here? Correct me in the comments below.

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