I Don’t Hate the iPhone

iphone_trash_verizon-300x299I feel like, after reading a recent article that I’m not going to bother linking, that I need to clarify my position on the iPhone. This will probably come as a surprise to some of you, but I don’t hate the iPhone. I think that the iPhone an adequate smart phone, but nothing specially. It’s less functional than it’s competition, so I don’t see any reason to buy one, but I don’t hate it. Here’s what I do hate.


That’s right, I don’t hate the iPhone, but I absolutely hate Apple. Apple as a company has always been more of a follower than a leader, but they love to puff themselves up and pretend that they’re the greatest innovators known to man. That’s bull. They’re no more innovators than any other company in the computer industry. Much less than some. Especially these days where they’re more likely to try to sue someone for something they didn’t invent than actually invent something. For some reason every time some executive at Apple passes gas, it “changes the industry”. Please, save it for someone who doesn’t know any better.

Speaking of…..

Apple Fanatics

True, I don’t hate the iPhone, but I absolutely hate Apple fanatics. I especially hate Apple fanatics that say things like, “I am NOT an Apple fanboy. I’m a techie and it just so happens that Apple is amazing. I give credit where credit is due.” All that saying something like that proves to me is that you’re an Apple fanatic and a complete imbecile. There are some people who are fans of Apple that actually have some semblance of a clue, and I don’t want to group those people in with the Apple Fanatic (at least so far as I group them). Apple Fanatics are clueless blowhards that think Steve Jobs shit rainbows and gold bars. More often than not, they’re under the impression that Apple invented pretty much everything.

The Apple Logo

cool-iphone-4-casesThis may have been covered by just Apple in general, but while I don’t hate the iPhone, I despise that stupid logo. Apple puts it in the middle of all their products as big as they can make it. I’m fairly certain that Apple could have made some of it’s devices smaller if they’d have not put such a huge logo on it. Further, I hate cases that go out of their way to not cover up the logo. These are the type of cases that Apple Fanatics buy, and I can’t think of a single other company that even has something like this available. There’s no reason to have a case like this unless the logo is somehow important to you, and if the logo is important to you, then you’re buying your device as a status symbol and not because it’s a good device. Unless you bought it on clearance for $.99, if you have a case like this you’re probably an Apple fanatic, and all that brings with it.

Finishing It Off

I just felt that my opinion of the iPhone warranted clarification. I don’t hate the iPhone. I hate Apple, I hate their stinking logo, and I hate the fanatical fan boys that follow them around. The device itself is fine. I’d never buy one in a hundred years, but it’s fine. It’s over-hyped and less functional than other devices in the same market, but it’s fine.


  1. Aldi

    Thanks for your article which is full of hate 😉

    I think it is a bit too easy to “hate Apple”. I absolutely dislike their monopolistic-like behaviour and closed systems (AppStore and exclusion of OSS in it as well as the non-ability to install a software from outside the AppStore). I also absolutely don’t like their marketing and their pricing policy.

    However, I do respect the Apple engineers. In my opinion, Apple does score quite well on innovations since its foundation and many of their products have influenced the industry. Here an incomplete list: Apple Macintosh, Newton Messagepad, OpenDoc compound documents, switch to PowerPC processors and switch to Intel later, Mac OS X in its first inception, Automator, TimeMachine, consistent Firewire integration, Powerbook G4 12 inch, nicely integrated ad-hoc networks, and also the idea around the original iPhone.

    • It’s fine to respect their engineers, but as I said, they’re no more innovators than any other company in the computer industry. Your list leaves a little bit to be desired though. Quite a lot there was neither innovative nor did it have any significant impact on the industry. Point in fact, most of those are only
      Apple’s implementation of something someone else came up with anyway. Macintosh? Apple’s version of a PC with an interface thought up at Xerox. Newton? Reaction to earlier PDA/Tablet type devices like the GRiDpad. OpenDoc? Reaction to OLE. Etc, etc, etc.

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