Just wanted to make a quick note about the #boycottapple thing going on on Google+ and on Twitter. I’ve read several people saying that boycotting Apple is dumb, and that the real problem is with the patent system. To the people pointing out that the patent system is broken I have one thing to say.


We know this people. We’re not stupid. Here’s the issue though.

The patent system is broken for the entire software industry, so why isn’t anybody boycotting EA? Why isn’t anybody boycotting Adobe? Why isn’t anybody boycotting Attachmate?

The answer is easy. EA, Adobe, and Attachmate aren’t acting like assholes. Apple is. Apple is the one going “thermonuclear” on their competitors, and they’re the one using the broken patent system to do it.

Does the Software Patent system need to be fixed? I’d argue that it doesn’t need to be fixed so much as thrown out altogether, but I think we all agree that it’s broken. That’s not the point of the #boycottapple “movement” (if you will). The point is that Apple is being a bad player, and because of their behavior, they should be boycotted.


  1. Appleseed Humanity, Inc.

    Wholly agree. Any temperate social debate that encourages people to not only realize they have options, but explore them *must* be encouraged.

  2. jon_downfromthetrees

    Nonsense. Apple is doing what any of its targets would do to it if things were different. 

    It’s all an exercise in moral preening.

    • It’s a cute theory, and I’m sure it makes you feel better about those Apple products you own, but it’s not true. I can say with fair amount of certainty that no other technology company has ever tried to ban all of the products of another company like Apple recently tried to do to HTC. Apple is targeting Android manufacturers, and using the broken patent system to abuse it’s competition. There’s nothing “moral” about it.

          • jon_downfromthetrees

            That’s hardly consistent with that particular meaning of the word preening.  

            I don’t see this effort having any chance at changing Apple behavior. As such, it’s merely an effort at appearing morally superior, as are most all such sure-to-fail campaigns.

  3. Ng Chad

    I truly agree.Very well said. Apple is too paranoid about market dominance over what they ought to – be the leader to set trends.

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