Interesting Linux News for the Day – December 7, 2011

Like Chrome OS? Try Lime for Extra Hardware Support
Want a Linux Job? Learn Java or Android
Two-Thirds of Lost USB Drives Carry Malware
Six Android issues that Google doesn’t want to address
Apple converting the enterprise? It could happen.
Everything you wanted to know about the history of Android
Android Graphics Performance
Can Google’s latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich land apps first?
Android Market surpasses 10 billion app downloads; Google kicks off $0.10 app sale
Google’s Schmidt: Android leads the iPhone
Windows 8 will be ‘largely irrelevant’ on PCs, predicts IDC
Google’s Eric Schmidt sees Google TV embedded in most new TVs by summer of 2012
ICS-based CyanogenMod 9: it’s on track, but not for everybody

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