Interesting Linux News for the Day – December 11, 2011

Are HP TouchPads and WebOS Phones Still Worth Getting? (ContributorNetwork)
WebOS Open-Sourced; New HP Tablets May Be in the Works (ContributorNetwork)
Will Android Ever Beat iOS App Support? (ContributorNetwork)
Ask Slashdot: Best Tablet For Running a Real GNU/Linux Distribution?
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 Risk Report
How to Leverage Your Open Source Skills in the Changing Job Market
The CrunchPad is Proof the iPad was Obvious
Apple Using Patents to Undermine Open Standards Again
Samsung’s Retina Display threatens Apple’s February iPad 3
Ad Executive: Reports Suggesting iOS Developers Make More Money Than Android Are Flawed
CyanogenMod Team Gives Progress Reports
Pope Goes Android For Holiday Lighting
The Windows 8 tablet train wreck – ExtremeTech
Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 7
The Apple blogs vs. Android
HP CEO confirms new webOS hardware on the way, tablets possible

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