Interesting Linux News for the Day – November 30, 2011

Hackers jailbreak RIM’s PlayBook (Reuters)
App installed on millions of phones secretly records all activity (Digital Trends)
Android is big in Asia: games return to South Korea (Appolicious)
Why America Doesn’t Need More Tech Giants Like Apple
Android Dev Demonstrates CarrierIQ Phone Logging Software On Video
Maybe Apple haters come around with a new leader
Popular free antivirus apps for Android fail anti-malware tests
Apple’s Worldwide War on Samsung and Android
Android 4.0 Released for x86
Android vs iOS, Which One Should You Choose?
The Personal Computer Is Dead
Will Mac OS X and iOS Merge? –
Sometimes Wine Relaxes Linux, Sometimes It Just Causes Headaches –
Consumers losing patience with Microsoft on tablets – GeekWire
Samsung’s Galaxy Tab sales ban lifted in rare Apple patent defeat
HP’s limboed webOS decision expected ‘within two weeks’
Review: Our Favorite Android Tablet So Far The Lenovo Thinkpad
ITC ruling clears HTC in patent case with former Apple subsidiary
Apple seeks to ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany
Research In Motion’s new OS isn’t secure anymore thanks to a jailbreak
Australian court overturns Samsung tablet ban in Apple patent case
Android handsets secretly logging keystrokes, SMS messages?
Android continues its lead over Apple’s iOS, reports Nielsen

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