Interesting Linux News for the Day – July 31, 2011

Houston We Have A Problem: Chamillionaire Cites Employee Education For Android Frustration Apple iPhone shipments surge 142%, IDC says Chinese Firm Launches Cloud-Based Mobile OS Russian government may ban iPad, adopt PlayBook or Android tablets instead Google Buys IBM Patents The top five Linux desktop vendors

Interesting Linux News for the Day – July 28, 2011

Illustrated: Apple’s Fear of Android Android Market Upgraded, Buy eBooks and Rent Movies Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II Passes Through FCC Galaxy Phone May Rocket Samsung To No. 1 Globally (NewsFactor) Apple’s Mac OS X infringes on HTC-owned S3 patents, ITC rules NVIDIA Releases MeeGo-compatible Video Drivers for Tegra KDE 4.7 Released Microsoft releases Mango … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – July 24, 2011

Glut of Android Tablets Floods Market, Drives Prices Down (ContributorNetwork) Samsung Working On Galaxy 3D? Three Ways to Get Movies onto an Android Smartphone (ContributorNetwork) How Newsy creates videos fit to view on multiple Android devices (Appolicious) Oracle to question Larry Page in Google patent lawsuit (AFP) Oracle gets its trial date with Google this … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – July 22, 2011

Microsoft’s online sinkhole: $8.5 billion lost in 9 years Oracle buys Ksplice for Linux ‘zero downtime’ tech BlackBerry PlayBook becomes first tablet approved for U.S. government use ‘X-Men: First Class’ the first downloadable flick for Android Ninety-five percent of enterprises choose iPad over Android Netflix patch arrives for rooted Asus Transformers, it’s okay to be … [Read more…]