Top 1 Way iOS outdoes Android – BS

I just got done reading an article over at MSNBC on the Top 10 Ways iOS Outdoes Android. It really pissed me off. I want to do a break down of this article, and it’s stupid claims.

10. iTunes Media Store. OK, this thing is crap. It doesn’t sync wirelessly, yet the author still gives it credit for being seamless. When you buy media from Amazon, which you can from anywhere, it syncs directly to your device without having to find a computer and plugin. You  have access immediately, not after you do a time wasting sync with a computer that’s completely unnecessary. Stupid. The best thing the author can say about it is that it’s integrated. Goody for it.

9. AirPlay. First of all, AirPlay is useless if you don’t have more than one Apple device. It’s not an advantage of the iOS, it’s a limitation. It ties you to Apple products. This is a huge negative in my book, and definitely not something to call an advantage. There are other, better, more open solutions available, which he even goes so far as to mention. The fact that one kind of device will connect to one other device (which btw only like 10 people own), and only when you’re using Apple’s software is not an advantage over other services which will connect many types of devices to many other types of devices.

8. Find My iPhone. The author makes this claim: “It’s not like you can’t roll your own device-tracking setup on Android, but now that Find My iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) is free it’s no longer the best paid option — it’s just the best.” He makes no attempt to back that up, and doesn’t even acknowledge that there are many free ways of doing exactly the same thing on an Android phone that are just as good, or better.

7. A better support system. The author has the gall to call the Genius Bar a “better” support system. I can’t say the word “genius” without heaping derision on it when I’m referring to the Geniuses at the Genius Bar. Every time I’ve ever needed to use their service, they’ve failed to resolve my problem. I’ve had better luck with the Geek Squad. To call the Genius Bar an advantage of the iOS is deluded to say the least.

6. Battery Life and Management. This is just an excuse. Apple’s multitasking is a joke, so it says that it’s a feature meant to preserve your battery. No, it’s just because Apple’s multitasking sucks. To call this an advantage is ignorant.

5. iTunes and Tethered syncing. It seems every item on this list is more aggravating than the last. iTunes and tethered syncing is an advantage??? First of all, iTunes is a POS. It’s an archaic remnant of a time when media players were the norm, and Apple needed something to compete with WinAmp. It wasn’t as good then, and it’s a catastrophe now. The author states: “Android is missing iTunes in the same way iOS is missing Android’s wireless capabilities.” No, Android is missing iTunes the same way I’m missing an extra hole in my head.

4. No crapware. This is not an advantage of the OS. This is an advantage of the vendor, and Apple’s clout over the carrier, but not the OS.

3. A bigger and better variety of apps. I always find this one amusing when I hear iOS users use it. It’s the same argument that Windows users have been using against Mac users for decades. The only difference is, for Android and iOS, the condition is temporary. Android will have more apps than iOS in short order, and then iOS users will change to saying quality over quantity. And when that argument falls through, iOS users will switch to the “We don’t need that” argument. It’s all be said and done before. It failed then, and it fails now.

2. A well-designed, intuitive user interface. Let’s be clear here. Apple didn’t design a user interface. They made an icon grid. The same interface that’s been present on every single GUI since Xerox invented it. That’s all. Androids UI is customizable, and it’s much more functional with the inclusion of movable icons and widgets. Apple’s UI is limited and static. Again, to call this an advantage is delusional.

1. Consistency. This is another “advantage” that always makes me laugh. iOS users think that having the same IU as every single other person that has an iOS device is an advantage. It’s a limitation. Someone else has decided what the best thing is for you, and doesn’t let you say otherwise.

This article really raised my ire when I read it. It seemed like every “advantage” listed came straight from Apple’s marketing department, and required zero thought by the author. Too often, that’s the kind of thinking that I see from iOS users and Apple fans. It literally makes me ill. I can say that the iOS does have one advantage over the Android though. It definitely has more BS.

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