Interesting Linux News for the Day – March 4, 2011

comScore, Nielsen proclaim Android as U.S.’s most popular smartphone operating system Good to Go with Noah and James: Talking tablets Gartner: Tablets sap PC demand; PC ecosystem cringes Browser-based apps: Don’t miss the virtualization forest in the desktop trees ‘Significant’ tablet will be unveiled at CTIA Wireless Motorola WiFi Xoom Headed To Sam’s Club! for … [Read more…]

Regarding Android Malware

I’ve been reading a lot recently about 21 applications in the Android Market that contained malware, a potential timer, and other miscellaneous bad things. While I’ll agree that this is a very bad thing, I think it’s more of a failing of the Android Market than the device itself. As phones are becoming more and more like … [Read more…]

iPad 2: Yawn worthy

OK, so the announcement has been made. Details are had by all. After a review of those details all I can say is, *yawn*. The iPad 2 is nothing interesting. They’ve finally added the cameras, and they’re upgrading the OS (incrementally). Nothing to write home to Mom about. Here’s a chart that compares the specs … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – March 1, 2011

Apple announces Joint Venture to retail employees; looks to service small businesses at Apple Stores Rooted Motorola Xooms Not Eligible For 4G/LTE Upgrade Nexus One Android 2.3.3 update arrives OTA, breaks Google Voice for some iDisplay now ready to turn your Android device into a secondary display Google Employees To Receive Motorola Xooms? Microsoft Adds … [Read more…]