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News relating to the Apple App Store has been rather interesting lately. Recently Apple came up with a whole new scheme to pilfer money they haven’t earned from other companies by attempting to charge a 30% fee for any transactions that actually take place through an app. Never mind how stupid this is that if a transaction takes place through a web interface (even on the iPhone or iPad), it’s free, but if it takes place in an App, the company owes Apple 30% of that transaction. Of course, the penalty for not giving Apple their pound of flesh is to be kicked out of the App Store Club.

My question? Is that really so bad?

The reason why the timing on this is so interesting is recent news about the Android Market.

A recent report by Lookout shows us that the Android Market is growing at three times the rate of Apple’s App Store. Three times the rate! That means that if the current rate of growth continues, the Android Market will have erased the current App Advantage that Apple claims for the iOS sometime next year.

Another interesting development is Google’s recent announcement of Google One Pass. Google One Pass is basically the equivalent of Apple’s recently announced subscription service. Big difference is that while Apple will take 30% for the privilege of being Apple, Google will only take 10%.

The final nail in the Apple here is the recent announcement that Android has surpassed the iPhone in market share. There are now more Android devices out there than iOS devices.

What we have here is, on the one hand, a company that has less market share, takes a higher percentage who is also about to be passed in number of Apps in the App store. On the other hand, we have a company that has more market share, takes a lower percentage, and is quickly going to have more apps. That doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that if you want to be on the iOS, you have to play by Apple’s rules, but if you want to be on the Android, you can be. No limitations.

To me, the choice seems to be pretty straight forward. I think it will be to pretty much everybody else too.

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