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A few days ago, I put up a post where I detailed my thought process for picking up new “computer” for my parents.  I was having a little bit of difficulty choosing between a NetBook and a Tablet.

Here’s the problem:

My parents are not particularly savvy computer users. Over time, they’ve mastered some of the basics. E-mail, video chat (kinda), and …. well that’s pretty much it. Their computer is many years old, and is limping along at this point. My parents don’t really need a full blown computer for what they use it for. At the time they purchased it, what they have was the best choice on the market, but now there are better ones out there. Sometime, in the next couple months, they’re going to need something new.

My Choices:

  1. NetBook.  Small, full keyboard, inexpensive, full copy of Linux can run on it no problem. With a NetBook, and installation of Ubuntu 10.10 with Unity and Skype would pretty much meet their needs. One can be picked up for a couple hundred dollars, and the form factor is fairly familiar. It’s still more than they need, and my parents could be easily confused if they get off the beaten path.
  2. Tablet. Small, compact, and at the time of my original writing, too limited. I needed Skype at the minimum, or a working version of Google Talk with video. None of the Android tablets on the market offered this. I like the simplicity of the device.

Enter CES. The Consumer Electronics Show has been on, and there have been amazing revelations. The biggest and the best for me, the Motorola Xoom.

This thing is just all that pretty. The hardware specs are off the charts. The accessories add a handy doc that along with an external hardware keyboard has the tablet operating like a traditional computer. This along with Skype’s announcement of full video support for Honeycomb pretty much sealed the deal for me. It will still be a few months before any purchases are made, but ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner!

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