Interesting Linux News for the Day – November 14, 2010

HP Slate 500 sees ‘extraordinary demand,’ experiences six-week shipping delay Google Signals Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ is Done Baking (PC Magazine) Lenovo’s LePad Tablet Due in US in 2011 (PC World) Confirmed: Lenovo LePad headed to US in 2011 Dell Streak Android 2.2 update imminent in UK, other territories on the way Netflix coming to Android … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – November 9, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab impressions – Interesting review. Samsung confirms Continuum dual-display Android handset for Verizon Dissecting Android's openness – – An interesting view on the “Openness” of Android and iOS. I was just having a discussion about this recently. Odd little coincidence. Windows Phone 7 Review – How Does Microsoft’s Latest Mobile OS Compare … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – November 6, 2010

T-Mobile myTouch 4G review Finally: Ubuntu Ditches X, Switches to Wayland IT conference attendees react to Xserve's demise (Macworld) – No one is really surprised. HTC Legend getting Android 2.2 in ‘coming weeks’ Ubuntu abandons X server for Wayland Rogers’ Q4 roadmap revealed Bell getting Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 12th Samsung Galaxy Tab can … [Read more…]