Interesting Linux News for the Day – November 24, 2010

Survey Finds Mobile Users Love Unlimited Data Plans (NewsFactor) – Duh. Acer’s dazzling, dual-screen Iconia laptop (Ben Patterson) Acer Unveils Tablets, Smartphone, Dual-screen Laptop The DIY Car Computer vs. the iPad Eliminating drag through desktop virtualization Two things Android can learn from iOS 4.2 – I’d agree with these. T-Mobile myTouch 4G review Absent apps … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – November 21, 2010

Why Tablets Haven't Taken Off In Business Happy 25th Anniversary, Microsoft Windows (Mashable) Windows Phone 7 hitting Verizon stores ‘this holiday season,’ according to Microsoft tweet iPhone: Still Most Satisfying (PC World) – I wonder how much of this is actual satisfaction with the device, and how much is assumed satisfaction because Apple told them … [Read more…]

The One Reason Android will Beat iOS

The comparison between Android and the iOS is an easy one to make. They’re both OSs that exist in the mobile market, and they seem to go head to head. Fans on both sides of the line come up with reasons why their platform is the better one. It’s easy to see where I fall … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – November 19, 2010

Apple updates Boot Camp, MacBook firmware (Macworld) Woz Bets on Android Over iPhone Long-Term (PC World) HTC Merge appears, disappears from Verizon’s website MonaOS 0.3.1 Released Alternative To the 200-Line Linux Kernel Patch – Now if only they stacked. Apple IOS 4.2 Release Date Rumors Swirl (ContributorNetwork) Apple seeds iOS 4.2.1 Gold Master candidate to … [Read more…]