Apple's Future Failure in Enterprise

It was recently reported by Boy Genius Report (found on Twitter at @BGR) that Apple has been poaching the RIM employees in order to make a try at the Enterprise. Apple can hire all the employees in the world if it wants to, but they’ll still fail in this venture.

The philosophy at Apple has always been about control. Apple loves it’s control. It controls the hardware, and it controls the software. After over three decades of Apple, and all the changes that have gone on at that company, Apple’s desire for control is something that has never changed.

The problem with Apple’s controlling nature is that large corporations also like to be in control. For Apple to succeed in the enterprise world, it’s going to have to relinquish some of that control. I’ve seen nothing to suggest that Apple is capable of doing that.

In a time when Apple seems barely able to keep the market that it does have, this seems like a lost cause. Apple’s previous attempts at infiltrating the enterprise market have been an all around failure. I expect this to be the same.

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