Interesting Linux News for the Day – October 31, 2010

Microsoft buys Canesta, continues camera-based domination of our interfaces Entourage Pocket Edge reveals itself on the Home Shopping Network Apple sues Motorola right back over six patents Apple files suit against Motorola for multi-touch patent infringement Microsoft acquires Canesta, 3D gesture controls are a go 10 things to look for in a tablet computer – … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – October 30, 2010

Buyers Considering IPad Alternatives (PC World) Third Release of Linux SCHED_DEADLINE Available * AT&T's Samsung i897 Galaxy S (aka "Captivate") * Sony Internet TV with Google TV review Enterprises: We'll run Windows XP even after retirement – Stupid. Microsoft ramps up its legal assault against Android – Microsoft using it’s most skilled department, Legal. If … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – October 26, 2010

BlackBerry PlayBook demoed courtesy of RIM’s Mike Lazaridis and Adobe’s Kevin Lynch Google Now Accounts for 6.4% of Internet Traffic [REPORT] (Mashable) What we know about Mac OS X 10.7 ‘Lion’ The Android Invasion Cometh; Is Resistance Futile? Qt Is Going Modular N900 can run unmodified webOS games, what can your Linux-based phone do? Android … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – October 24, 2010

Reports of Linux’s Desktop Death Are Premature (PC World) – Bit of an Understatement! Reports of Linux's Desktop Death Are Premature – PC World – Hugely Premature! Jobs' Android attack: it's 1984 all over again – Australian Techworld – Jobs will never learn. Ballmer Calls Next Windows Release “Riskiest Product Bet” Drawing Windows Users to … [Read more…]