Interesting Linux News for the Day – June 8, 2010

Computex 2010 Tablet PC Round-Up With Video Consumers win with Apple and Google at “war” (Appolicious) Top Android phones shouldn’t be wary of new iPhone 4 (Appolicious) Eclipse: Developers growing more fond of desktop Linux (InfoWorld) – That’s cause it’s sweeeeeeet. Just saying. Apple CEO has live technical issues John Sculley on Why He Fired … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – June 6, 2010

MorphOS 2.5 Released, Supports More Old Macs PSX emulator in the works for Android 2.x – Just awesome! Download Android 2.2 for the Motorola DROID today – For all those Droid users out there, here comes your Froyo! Hands-On With Dell's Streak Android Device Motorola Droid Xtreme shows its face, backside

Interesting Linux News for the Day – June 5, 2010

Hackers plant viruses in Windows smartphone games (Reuters) – Great idea. Run WINDOWS on your PHONE. They probably didn’t even have to modify the virus code. Who thought of this again? Android Tablets on Show by Foxconn, Hardkernel (PC World) Open source Linux wins Quebec court case against Microsoft (AFP) Apple's HTML5 Showcase Isn't HTML5, … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – June 3, 2010

Steve Jobs holds forth on Flash, Gizmodo and … er, his sex life (Ben Patterson) Google Chrome OS Could Shake Up PC Market (PC World) Google Drops Windows in Aftermath of Hacker Attack (NewsFactor) AT&T Offers 'More Affordable' Wireless Data Plans (NewsFactor) – More affordable for whom? More thoughts on Steve Jobs at D8 (Christopher … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – June 2, 2010

Andy Rubin: The frequency of Android updates will slow Android Compatibility and Fragmentation Apple Blindsides More AppStore Developers – More reasons to not go with iPad/iPod/iPhone and just do Android. Seriously people, drop Apple as fast as you can. MSI Unveils Windows 7 and Android Tablets, Prototype ‘Sketch Pad’ Laptop (PC World) Asus’ New 10- … [Read more…]