Interesting Linux News for the Day – April 21, 2010

iPhone and Android apps to rise above Iceland’s travel-halting volcanic ash (Appolicious) History Repeats Itself, Mac & the IPad Rumour: IBM To Re-Launch OS/2 Apple Demands iPhone Prototype Back From Gizmodo (PC World) 3G-enabled iPad arrives April 30 ( App Industry Roundup: Ford's app fiesta, Apple's explicit engineer, Steve Jobs on Android porn (Appolicious) – … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – April 20, 2010

Universities Ban iPads ( Steve Jobs Is Piiiiiiissed: New iPhone Leaked – More details. If this is real, someone’s head is going to roll. I’m still on the fence about it’s legitimacy. Palm WebOS Hacked Via SMS Messages – That’s not good. Gadget blog says it obtained next-generation iPhone (AFP) Multitouch Trackpad Gestures coming to … [Read more…]

Opera for the iPhone…. Approved???

I almost spit my dinner on my computer when I read this headline. After reading a little bit of the article at the Boy Genius Report, I saw that this information came from none other than “well, Opera”, and I started to lose a little bit of confidence in the authenticity of the news.  A … [Read more…]