Opera for the iPhone…. Approved???

I almost spit my dinner on my computer when I read this headline. After reading a little bit of the article at the Boy Genius Report, I saw that this information came from none other than “well, Opera”, and I started to lose a little bit of confidence in the authenticity of the news.  A quick trip to the App Store reveals a wonder of wonders.  It’s already there. Needless to say that I downloaded it as quickly as I possibly could, before Apple changes it’s mind.

I’ve only played around with it a little bit at this point, but there are a couple of interesting features that I thought I’d mention.  One is the “Thumbnail” view of web pages when you’re switching among them.  I opened up 10 different web pages before I stopped seeing how many would open.  This is a step up from the maximum of 8 that mobile Safari allows.  I did notice that Gmail pages rendered a little oddly, as well as Reader and Voice.  The same thing happened when I tried to watch an iPad getting blended on Youtube.

At this point, I’m ecstatic that Opera for the iPhone has gotten approved.  I’m going to keep playing with it to see how things work, but at this point, I can only say that there are some pretty significant limitations. We’ll have to wait and see if Opera resolves some of these via update, or if Apple changes their mind and relegates Opera for the iPhone to the dust bin of history.

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