Interesting Linux News for the Day – March 20, 2010

Browser smarter on Android smartphones – Alternative browsers?? Say it isn’t true! Well, I’m sure there’s an app for that….. oh… wait.. there’s not, is there? Apple Files Patent for Mobile Social Networking (NewsFactor) – I’m not sure what Apple plans to patent that couldn’t be shot down easily with prior art at this point, … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – March 19, 2010

Qt on Android: the Bogdan Vatra Interview HTC: We Will “Fully Defend Ourselves” Multicore Requires OS Rework, Windows Architect Advises Microsoft Announces Windows 7 SP1 HTC responds to Apple, ‘disagrees’ with legal action ( HTC responds to Apple’s lawsuit – I give this response a resounding “meh”.

iPad Humor

I thought that this particular page was worth it’s own post.  SmashingShare has a pretty good list of iPad jokes, and a few of them warranted a “guffaw”.  I think you should spend the 2 minutes necessary to check them out. Link Here.