Interesting Linux News for the Day – December 17, 2009

Canonical CEO Steps Aside (PC World) Shuttleworth To Step Down As Canonical CEO In 2010 Shuttleworth Steps Down As Canonical CEO – Both surprising and a little frightening. Google Android Push Gains March in Taiwan With New Project (PC World) Moonlight 2 expands Silverlight capabilities for Linux (InfoWorld) Apps Growth Makes Android a Strong Mobile … [Read more…]

Interesting Linux News for the Day – December 16, 2009

Why Top Linux Distros Are For Different Users Google’s Nexus One Specs Leaked (PC World) InfoWorld review: Desktop virtualization for Windows and Linux heats up (InfoWorld) – An interesting read. Apple Deals Final Blow to Psystar – Again, anybody surprised by this just wasn’t paying attention.

Interesting Linux News for the Day – December 13, 2009

GNOME Developer Suggests Split From GNU Project – Every time I hear the word “split” it makes me nervous. ARM-Powered Laptops To Increase Linux Market Share – I like the sound of that…. Google Releases Experimental Phone To Employees Google Releases Experimental Phone to Employees (PC World) Google to produce, sell own “Nexus One” phones: … [Read more…]