Stupid Printers…

I admit, I usually don’t use printers. The closest thing to a printer I normally use is PDF printing, and even that is usually reserved for doing taxes at the end of the year. Today must have been my day. I needed to print something at work. I could have moved it over to the Windows box that goes largely unused on my desk (planning on making it Ubuntu 7.10 when the full release comes out), but that just annoys me. Why not configure a printer today?

The process itself was relatively painless. I am currently using Ubuntu 7.04 on my D800 laptop. Just clicked the menus and entered the nework information, and BAM (man, I hope that’s not copyrighted), I had a printer installed. I fired off a test print and waited for the familiar sound of my printer warming up. Nothing. I wander over to the printer to see an error on the screen. No paper in Tray 1. OK, no biggie. Tray 1 is the manual feed tray, so I steal some paper out of Tray 2 and put it in the Manual Feed Tray. Right away, the print job comes out in vibrant grays. OK, no major issues so far, and I’ve got a working printer. Just need to fix the tray problem. There’s the rub. It doesn’t seem to matter what tray I tell it go to, it always goes to the Manual Feed. I can’t make it go anywhere else (other than to another printer).

Stupid printer.

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