Stupid Printers…

I admit, I usually don’t use printers. The closest thing to a printer I normally use is PDF printing, and even that is usually reserved for doing taxes at the end of the year. Today must have been my day. I needed to print something at work. I could have moved it over to the … [Read more…]

Linux on your Mobile Phone

Today I’ve been reading articles about Linux on mobile phones. Articles can be found here and here. Personally, I think this is a great idea. Here’s the phone that I use: With the full keyboard, the idea of having some kind of command line access from my phone to my server is very tempting. Full … [Read more…]

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

I’ve been running Windows Vista Ultimate Edition on my desktop computer for a little while now. I picked it up because I was able to get a massive discount on it. Less than $50. If the price had not been so low, I would not have bothered to buy it. I’ve been demoing the new … [Read more…]